03 April 2012

KISS MY SASS HAS MOVED!! (its new and improved too)

click here to check it out!!!!

stay classy, maddy

09 September 2011

Fashion's Night Out

One of the MANY perks of living in the city, is being able to take part of fan-fucking-tastic events, such as Fashion's Night Out! What a crazy night. At about 7:30 we started our walk down Broadway in SoHo. The streets were JAM PACKED! The humidity from the impending rain (that thankfully never came) and the sheer body heat from thousands of people almost killed me. We store hopped from Sephora, Prada, Miu Miu, Uniqlo, Desigual, etc. all for free booze, swag, and celebrity spottings. I also found a new obsession with the adorable little boutique, Brandy Melville. Very california/hippie/indie. LOVE. Anyways, the only celebs we saw last night was the uber classy Tim Gunn at Lucky Brand. I did wait in line - and by line I mean it was more of a HUGE mob - to meet the Kardashians and possibly see Pauly D, but the mob mentality wore off after about an hour.

All in all, my first FNO was definitely a success!! I found a new store I love, and had a great night!

stay classy,

07 September 2011

UPDATE: new location - NYC

Where the f*** has this girl gone now? As usual she deserted her blog. However, this time it was for a valid reason. Ladies and gents, I am officially a New Yorker now!!! Technically I'm an NYU'er, but I think that allows me to be an honorary New Yorker for now, right?

Anyways, I am all moved into my suite/apartment, and I must say, it really kicks some serious ass. The east village/greenwich is amazing. However, I'm starting to realize that I am more of an uptown girl. Who would've thunk? Whatever, I love it all. Classes haven't even started yet, and I'm already so crazy tired! Here's a little highlight reel of NYU thus far:

  • Hurricane Irene fucking up travel plans. Thus, a 2 day road trip from D.C. to NYC with mommy and me (so it wasn't entirely bad!)
  • Moving into my super spacious room (no joke, its huge) 
  • Brushing shoulders with famous Disney channel kids from the Suite Life of Zac & Cody
  • so much more....

Well blog world, I'm hoping to jump back on the blog train! I'm getting right soon, I promise! 

stay classy,

22 August 2011

true blood

I have an addictive personality when it comes to TV shows. Last year I watched all six seasons of Sex and the City within 2 weeks, and then after that I watched all 6 seasons of Weeds within a month too! So unhealthy, its such an issue. Right now I'm absolutely HOOKED on True Blood. Why the shit didn't I watch this before?! Vampires, werewolves, rednecks, blah blah blah... All I see is hot hot hot men, sexy southern accents, and a pretty decent story line too. But seriously, the show is all about these hunks...
Vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) is very much the pained, romantic vamp Edward Cullen was... but 100x better (sorry Rob Pattinson). He's got a sexy, smoldering look that can seriously melt a girl, and he's a southern gentleman. Mmmm mmm! I'll take some of that southern hospitality!
My personal favorite, Alcide (Joe Manganiello). Let's just take a second to admire that body........... Done? Pretty damn delicious. He's a werewolf in True Blood, and just like in Twilight, sexy werewolves like Jacob Black and Alcide tend to run a little hot. And you wonder why.. 
Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is just nice to look at. On the show he's got the bad boy / heartthrob / sex machine down, but if his southern drawl drives you crazy - in a good way of course - you should hear his accent in real life. He's a sexy Aussie man, who, I'm sure isn't that far from Jason Stackhouse. Yum yum!
Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is basically the most badass, sassiest muthafuckaa around. He's basically the gay best friend I dream about. With all of the testosterone floating around, someone has to keep everyone in check. Lafayette is the original sassafras! Love him. 
This fine Nordic specimen (Alex Skarsgard) is another bloodthirsty vamp who is definitely a libido raiser. All I can say is, you can suck my blood anytime Eric Northman.

As the True Blood theme song says, 
"I wanna do bad things with you"

stay classy,

21 August 2011

shoe porn

charlotte olympia fall 2011

Move over Red Sole faithfuls (AKA you Loubobutin fanatics)! Charlotte Olympia's golden spider web soled shoes are the sexiest, funnest, and funkiest collection this fall - in my book at least. The tootsies of Blake Lively, Katy Perry, Keira Knightly, and my idol SJP tend to favor Miss Charlotte Olympia's fashions. Check out my favorites! 


delores [quilted], and greta

martha in stripes.

Such an innocent name for such a sexy shoe! Leopard print and blush pink are way too cute together. This platform pump is just too amazing to not comment on. Love. 
Talk about cute! So obsessed with these I have no words. Except, meeeeeoowww! 

Beautiful collection, yes?

stay classy,

11 August 2011

thankful thursday

Harry Potter?- Wouldn't exist. Twilight?- Edward who? The classics? Out the door. What would our world be without books?! Honestly. Sit. And. Think. About. It.
Give it some good thought? Our world would seriously suck without books. Let's be literal for a second here: Books tell stories. Great ones, amazing ones. Now let's be cliche: Books inspire imagination. Let's be real: Books are fucking amazing. I'm not talking about Nooks, Kindles, etc. I'm talking about a physical book that you go check out from a library, or buy from a store. So old school right? That's the way it ought to be. Books deserve a cover, a spine, pages to flip. They lose their character when you rewrite them to format them for a screen. I'm thankful for printed books.

what are you thankful for?
stay classy,

09 August 2011

sassy, classy betch

"Everyone thinks they know so goddmamned much about everything, and no one knows fuck all about anything!" -Carrie Bradshaw
Miss Carrie Bradshaw. Albeit, she is a fictional character, but she is one sassy and classy betch. For all you SATC (Sex and the City) novices - shame on you, might I add - Carrie Bradshaw/Preston, is the classiest New Yorker there is. The OG of fashionistas, and a sex columnist, Carrie lives the life any girl dreams about. She's sexy, sassy, savvy, smart, and silly. This betch has it all. Oh and BTW, she has a hunky, dreamy, Wall Street savvy Mr. Big. Um where can I get one, please? So basically betches and bitches want to be her, and its not only because of her amazing closet, (the shoe collection resembling everything you've ever seen in Vogue is only part of it!) its basically because she's a crazy sassy and classy betch.

stay classy,